Investment advice is everywhere - from newspapers, magazines and web sites, to well-meaning friends, neighbors and co-workers. But can an investment journal alone determine your tolerance for risk? Is your neighbor an expert on asset allocation? And should you formulate a long-term investment strategy on your own?

If you want to take control of your financial future and unlock the doors to financial success, you must have a plan that will allow you to find good investments, reduce taxes, beat inflation, and appropriately manage money.

Developing a comprehensive financial plan, however, requires time and extensive knowledge - not only of your own personal financial affairs but of broader investment and financial issues as well. To create the customized plan you'll need to meet your goals, for which you need to consult an Financial Planner.

Financial Planning: We all have financial goals to achieve in our life like children’s education planning, retirement planning, vacation planning etc. We strongly believe that when strategy is in place and followed by action – it brings best result. Financial Planning is nothing but your personal financial strategy. It includes your current financial status, net-worth statement, goal planning strategies, portfolio recommendation etc.

Time Horizon and Goals: It is important to understand what your goals are, and over what time period you want to achieve your goals. Some goals are short term goals those that you want to achieve within the year. For such goals its important to be conservative in one’s approach and not take on too much risk. For long term goals, however, one can afford to take on more risk and use time to one’s advantage.

Risk Management: Life is full of risks and surprises – we like it or not. Whereas we have absolutely no control over eventualities, we can surely cover our risks. Like we can secure our life or health, similarly we can take adequate cover for our assets like car, home, shops, offices etc. We do the prior analysis first to find out the amount of cover you need followed by best deals offered by reputed and trusted names in the industry. Full assistance when claim arises is our commitment.

Liquidity Needs: When do you need the money to meet your goal and how quickly can you access this money. If you invest in an asset to and expect to sell the asset to supply you funds to meet a goal, then please understand how easily you can sell the asset. Usually, money market and stock market related assets are easy to liquidate. On the other hand, something like real estate might take you a long time to sell.

Inflation: Inflation is a fact of our economic life in India. The bottle of cold drink that you buy today is almost double the price of what you paid for ten years ago. At inflation or slightly above 4% per annum, a packet of biscuits that costs you Rs 20 today will cost you Rs. 30 in ten years time. Just imagine what the cost of buying a car or buying a home might be in ten years time! The purchasing power of your money is going down every year. Therefore, the cost of achieving your goals need to be seen in what the inflated price will be in the future.